A conference presentation and IEEE joint paper by Argonne National Laboratory, General Motors and Embedded Systems Technology.
Graham Hellestrand’s presentation: Architecture, Verification & Optimization of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Tue 15-Sep, 10:00 – 10:30am, Open Technology Forum in the Expo Hall
In this feature article on Autonomous Vehicles in IVT International Magazine's March 2015 edition, EST's CEO Graham Hellestrand investigates and posits that physical testing alone does not guarantee safe vehicles, much less safe autonomous vehicles.

Engineering Safe Mobile Cyber-Physical Systems

Embedded Systems Technology (EST) delivers a world-first technology for high fidelity modelling and high performance simulation of families of safe Super-systems – such as, real-time cyber physical systems and mobile systems of systems.

The primary capabilities required to support all levels of model-based design include (i) continuous and discrete mathematical and operational models in the specification, architecture, optimization, design, development (software and hardware) and verification of super-systems, and (ii) high performance, scalable simulation that is typically near, or better than, real-time.

EST’s breakthrough in modelling and simulation technology opens an era that enables the optimal engineering of the next generation of complex, real-time super-systems. EST creates, sells and supports technologies, methodologies, tools and models that, together with expert technical services, are designed to help empirically solve problems that have remained intractable due to complexity, scale and/or lack of appropriate tools and methodologies.

The company’s primary focus is serving the Transport, Communications, Industrial Automation and Military industries.