EST's world class technology enables the modelling and simulation of distributed systems to scale from a single model to interconnected networks of hundres of models with negligable impact on performance.

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A continually growing ecosystem of Partners in modelling and simulation of systems and systems-of-systems

MathWorks - Simulink
Synopsys - Virtual Prototyping Tools and Models
Invirtech - Automated Testing Software using virtual ECUs
Mechanical Simulation Corporation - Vehicle Dynamics Models, CarSim, TruckSim

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Embedded Systems Technology

Embedded Systems Technology (EST) was founded to create, sell and support the science, technologies and methodologies required to engineer safe, reliable and economically optimal real-time systems that control large scale distributed physical plant – called cyber-physical systems. Such systems may also be mobile, and include: terrestrial, aeronautical and naval transport, industrial automation, communications and military systems.
The company achieves its objectives through the:

  • Creation, commercialization, sales and support of models, tools, and innovative modelling, simulation and empirical optimization technologies and methodologies
  • Building of efficient and effective ecosystems of partners to broadly support the modelling, simulation, analysis and visualization of large-scale cyber-physical systems in several industry sectors
  • Provision, with our eco-system partners, of world-class technical and professional services in the engineering of large-scale, distributed fault-tolerant systems

EST's modelling technology enables the specification of networked distributed systems. The specification is used to construct well-simulatable systems, comprised of heterogeneous 3rd party model-simulator pairs interconnected, according to the specification, by EST’s coupled common mode network models and distributed simulation engine. The heterogeneous partner, and 3rd party models are typically a mix of continuous and discrete domain model-simulator pairs.

Model-simulator pairs can be connected appropriately via EST’s high fidelity, high performance, wired and wireless network models.  The model-simulator pairs of the modelled distributed systems are automatically, or manually, mapped to physical cores in a multi-core, physically networked, multi-computer system.

EST’s network models are constructed using EST’s DSE-System Network Fabric (DSE-SNF) technology and are inherently distributed across the correct cores and computers required to interconnect modelled networked model-simulator pairs according to their system specification. EST’s scalable distributed simulation manager (DSM) manages the simulation of such cyber-physical systems, and (mobile) systems-of-systems, and produces the highest possible performance without compromising the fidelity of the models being executed by their native simulators.

The engagements in which EST collaborates with its clients range from the highly strategic, to tactical and execution. Their theme in common is that the collaboration is underpinned by the empirical investigation and optimization of large-scale distributed systems for which, prior to the EST technologies, there has never been the technology to enable their systematic investigation, analysis, specification, architectural optimization or thorough verification. These engagements invariably touch product, process and supply chains. For systems in which safety is a requirement – such as mobile - this mode of engineering is mandatory.

The company’s head office is in California, USA and its regional office is in Sydney, Australia which provides services and support to the Asia-Pacific region. EST has also appointed a distributor in Japan to service and support the Japanese market.