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Mar 2012
Quo Vadis, Virtual Platforms? - A Posse ad Esse, hic Platforma Virtutis Est!

Where go, Virtual Platforms? From the Possible to the Real, This Virtual Platform Exists!

Platformae virtutum are alive and well. Demonstrating themselves to be indispensable, well beyond the simple platforms of the 1st decade of this millennium. They provide high fidelity models supported by high performance simulation of entire cyber-physical systems and systems of systems involving thousands of vehicles. In general, cyber-physical systems (CPS) represent the set of architectures of real-time physical systems that consist of distributed plant - physical elements constructed from mechanic, thermodynamic, fluidic, electric, etc. technologies - and their networked electronic control units (ECU) that execute software to effect control. Systems and systems of systems do not admit formal proofs of equivalence to a specification - but that capability, in the verification arsenal, is not irrelevant for small parts of systems [1].