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Distributed Simulator hits 7 Billion instr/sec

23 January 2008

SAN JOSE, Calif - Embedded Systems Technology Inc. believes it has hit an important milestone in systems simulation software.  The startup simulated four cars and their interactions, spanning 98 controllers running 7 billion instructions/second.

"It is rare to test two or three automotive controllers in current systems, but this software can test a thousand controllers," said Graham Hellestrand, chief executive and founder of the company. "We think it's scalable to run across 10,000 computers," he added.

Hellestrand, an IEEE fellow and serial entrepreneur, talked about his company's achievements in a video interview in the EE Times studio in San Francisco. In a separate video, he shared his elevator pitch for the startup. "The entire industry is becoming model driven using executable models," Hellestrand said.

Distributed Simulator hits 7 billion instr/sec - Rick Merritt's EE Times interview