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Engineering Safe Mobile Systems and Systems of Systems through EST’s Ecosystem of Partnerships and Interoperability

The ESSE System Engineering Workbench has the capability to (i) incorporate partner and 3rd party models paired with their simulators and supporting tools (software development, hardware design, and plant specification and modelling) and (ii) scale to build high fidelity models of: subsystems comprised of networked ECUs executing their individual software to cooperatively control plant, systems comprised of networked subsystems, and systems of networked systems. 

In the automotive and intelligent transport systems contexts, a subsystem model may be the control (ECU + software) and plant that constitute a Drivetrain; a system model may be the networked set of subsystems that define the real-time control and plant system of a vehicle, and a system of systems model might be multiple, wirelessly connected vehicles, each comprised of a vehicle dynamics model integrated with a suitable high fidelity real-time control and plant model, cooperating in traffic. Similar examples may be constructed for the industrial automation, aerospace, military and other cyber-physical industries.

EST's vision is to enable software, hardware and plant engineers to singly, and in teams, specify, design and build, verified high fidelity control systems operating on high fidelity plant models, with the full diagnostic capabilities that modelling affords. And to simulate those models cooperating with other high fidelity models – for example, wirelessly connected automotive vehicles cooperatively driving in traffic - to achieve levels of safety, energy efficiency and emissions reductions unachievable via physical engineering alone.

The goal is extensive and ambitious and required the establishment of a business ecosystem – a network of collaborating modelling and simulation related businesses - whose products are complementary, provide key components and interoperate via the ESSE Systems Engineering Workbench to effectively and efficiently deliver a more complete and integrated solution for clients.

This page introduces our growing business ecosystem of Partners and details how the ESSE Systems Workbench interoperates with each 3rd party product to achieve the goal.

The Mathworks, Inc.

3 Apple Hill Drive
Natick, Massachusetts 01760 USA

MATLAB® and Simulink® enable the design and development of a wide range of advanced products, including automotive systems, aerospace, telecommunications and other electronics equipment, industrial machinery, and medical devices.

The ESSE Systems Engineering Workbench enables Simulink models, and their translated C-code derivatives, to be interfaced to various other models in a distributed system model via an ESSE Active Interface (AIF). The ESSE AIF transmits and receives distributed simulation timed event information between the Simulink model and other models that are connected to the same ESSE SNF network. Each model, together with its respective simulator, may be executed on individual cores within a cluster of host computers. The hosts may run Windows or Linux operating systems and virtual computers within a host may also run either Windows or Linux on individual cores. The Simulink graphical environment is supported to enable visualization of output.

Synopsys, Inc.

700 East Middlefield Rd.
Mountain View, California 94043-4033 USA

Synopsys Virtual Prototyping tools and models are used to create timing accurate virtual prototypes of ECUs which combine speed and functional and timing accuracy to support subsystem design and embedded real-time software development. Virtual prototypes are fast, fully functional software models of subsystems consisting of a few ECUs/MCUs that execute unmodified production code and provide significantly greater development, debugging, verification and analysis efficiency than physical prototypes.

The ESSE Systems Engineering Workbench enables the specification of distributed system models that may be comprised of Synopsys' ECU and MCU models connected via EST's high fidelity and high performance network models - including, CAN, FlexRay, UART, DSRC, etc. - to other models of plant and controllers (ECU + software). When a Synopsys MCU/ECU model is incorporated into a larger model of a distributed system, the Synopsys' Virtualizer and other analysis, test and display tools can be used with the model.  The level of fidelity of many of the Synopsys MCU models is sufficient to be able to accurately compute measures such as instantaneous and aggregate energy consumption which is a key factor for modern mobile systems be they automobile or mobile phones.

Invertech, LLC

Novi, Michigan, USA

Invirtech, LLC has developed a model-based testing capability (InvirTest), which produces verification models that can be inserted into an ESSE model of a system. Since the verification model is a 1st class entity in the ESSE systems model it can interact with other models to which it is connected. The verification model is scheduled by the normal mechanisms of the ESSE Distributed Systems Engine.

The Invirtech verification model uses a data base of tests and testing scenarios to drive signals into the models connected to it, read responses, and compare the responses - in function and timing - with expected outcomes. Since it is a fully modelled subsystem, the verification model can react to discrepant responses in a variety of ways, such as, report the discrepancy, collect the information for later analysis, run subsidiary tests to provide finer resolution of the problem and enable user interaction to assist in diagnosis.

InvirTest provides a powerful and flexible black-box testing capability for the electronics and software, being executed by a processor model, of an ECU. And, as well, the black-box testing of plant being controlled by an ECU and the subsystems within a system model. Multiple InvirTest verification models may be inserted into an ESSE system model.

Mechanical Simulation Corporation

755 Phoenix Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 USA

Mechanical Simulation Corporation develops and distributes advanced software used to accurately model, simulate and visualize behavior involving interactions between the 3D dynamic vehicle response, advanced controllers, drive controls, and 3D roads. These vehicle dynamics models (VDM) include CarSim, TruckSim and BikeSim.

EST distributes a unique version of the VDM products that enables the easy replacement of various controller subsystems and incorporation of additional subsystems with higher fidelity models that may also execute production code.

EST's ESSE Systems Engineering Workbench is able to simulate hundreds of CarSim and TruckSim models concurrently operating in modelled urban areas to investigate traffic safety, emissions, fuel consumption, cooperative driving, collision avoidance and control system optimization, amongst others.