EST's world class technology enables the modelling and simulation of distributed systems to scale from a single model to interconnected networks of hundreds of models with negligable impact on performance.

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Technology Library

Our Technology Library provides a central source for published research, information and analysis covering some of the fundamental aspects of model-based design and simulation for the engineering of large-scale, real-time systems.

You are welcome to freely view and search our archive of published papers which we will continue to update periodically.

by Frank J Winters, Carsten Mielenz, Graham Hellestrand - Proceedings Convergence 2004, Oct, pp 613-624, Society of Automotive Engineers, Warrendale, PA
A comparison of the electronic development in the wireless industry when compared to the automotive industry. While both industries have shared a significant number of commonalities, the wireless industry has been the true leader in the implementation of new technologies and methodologies. The automotive electronics industry is using the same technologies and methodologies as the wireless industry, but at an introductory pace that lags wireless by about 2 to 3 years.
by Graham R. Hellestrand - IEEE Spectrum, Vol 36, Issue 9, Sept 1999, pp 43-51
The dismantling of the power base in the semiconductor divisions of the major electronics companies to accommodate software engineering and systems integration on an equal footing with hardware engineering is a battle in full flight.
by Graham R. Hellestrand - IEEE Circuits and Systems Newsletter, Vol 9, No.2, June 1998, pp 1,4,8-9
This paper addresses the efficacious modeling of predominantly digital systems, including the trans-technology interfaces, and discusses techniques which enable the consistent treatment of time, causality and signals.